It's Only Painting - The Maker's Book

It's Only Painting - The Maker's Book



In this companion book to “It’s Only Painting - Essays on Creativity From A Veteran Artist” I’m giving you some ideas for creating artwork, and some space to create them, right inside the book.

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Here’s what’s inside:

  • Rose Petals and Icicles - creating with natural materials

  • Riffs to Blast Myths - ignore what everyone says about being an artist

  • Lunchbreak Masterpieces - yeah make stuff on your lunchbreak

  • Trash Talk - open your kitchen junk drawer

  • Let’s Party - this chapter includes wine

  • Thrift Shopping - don’t take me to the thrift store (you’ve been warned)

  • Mother Earth - more ideas for natural art materials

  • I Double Dog Dare You - coffee and potatoes

  • Tiny Dancer - dynamite truly does come in small packages

  • Zen and the Art of Making Art - stop staring at your navel and make something

Just like “It’s Only Painting: Essays on Creativity…” The Maker’s Book will inspire you and get you working - right inside the book!

Over 100 pages, dozens of color photos.

Ships in mid December.