It's Only Painting: The Maker’s Book

Essays on Creativity From A Veteran Artist

You think you need special training? You don't. 

You think you need a big studio? You don't.

You just need the willingness to do the work. 

You can make art. Right here, right now.

It's Only Painting - The Maker's Book
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In this companion to “It’s Only Painting: Essays on Creativity…” I’m inspiring you once again to make stuff. This time I’m giving you exercises and a place to create, right inside the book! Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  • Rose Petals and Icicles - using nature to create

  • Riffs to Blast Myths - don’t believe everything you hear

  • Lunchbreak Masterpieces - got ten minutes? Make stuff!

  • Trash Talk - just digging in the trash

  • Thrift Shopping - don’t take me to the thrift store

  • Let’s Party - art, wine and throwing paint

  • Mother Earth - more natural things as art supplies

  • I Double Dog Dare You - throwing down the gauntlet

  • Tiny Dancer - bigger is not always better

  • Zen and the Art of Making Art - be still and listen

Are you curious? You should be! Over 110 pages, dozens of color photographs and lots of exercises to get you making stuff!

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Everyone has an artist inside them. In my newest book I am encouraging you to ignore what people think and get started making art - dig into creativity like the big chocolate cake that it is. 

Full of humor and inspiration, It's Only Painting  is a manifesto of sorts.  In the vein of "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon, "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield,  I am breaking down inspiration into manegeable chunks and kicking the fear of creating right in the butt. 

Compiled from my lectures to students over 25 years of teaching, these essays on creativity are meant to get you thinking and working.  

Over 110 pages, dozens of color photographs.


What readers are saying:

“WOWEE! So full of everything that is true, real, and important and expressed in a way that is engaging, humorous, and inviting to step into the creative waters. It is the best because it expresses such deep concepts but said so simply.” Suzette - Mission Viejo, CA

“Your fans here in Sonoma County love your new book. I will recommend it and love your writing style!” Susan - Sonoma County, CA