Painting in Gold - inspired by the paintings of Gustav Klimt

The gorgeous paintings of Gustav Klimt are our inspiration for this technique.  Follow along with the video and create your own Painting In Gold!


  1. Cut out your image. 
  2. Trace around the image with a pencil.
  3. Brush out a thin coat of Gloss Medium onto the Birch Panel with 1” brush where your image goes. Make sure the Medium is thin and there are no puddles. 
  4. While the Gloss Medium is still wet, position your image and starting at the center of the image, gently burnish with your fingers (or credit card) working out all of the air bubbles. 
  5. Immediately lay down another thin coat of Gloss Medium onto the image. Make sure it’s thin!  And brush out evenly.
  6. Wash and dry your 1" brush.
  7. Have a glass of wine while things dry.
  8. Using Sharpie Gold Pens draw designs on the panel. Using paint, fill in patterns and shapes.
  9. Using a sponge pounce paint through a stencil. 
  10. Add embellishments using Gloss Medium as your "glue" -  gold leaf paper cut into shapes, more paint, more Sharpie shapes.
  11. If desired, add a Glaze color on the image.

Follow this link to view the complete works of Gustav Klimt.