Blind Contour Drawing AKA "Lizard Brain"

This fun and lively technique is sure to get your creativity jumpstarted! Without looking at your paper or canvas, "draw" the objects you see before you. Just imagine that your pen or pencil is resting right on the edge of the object and draw around it on your paper or canvas. Be sure you don't peek! After you do one pass, rotate your canvas 90 degrees and do another drawing right on top.  You'll be amazed at the cool abstract shapes you get when you're not paying attention to getting it "right".  Blind contour drawing is a great way for beginners and seasoned artists alike to get their creative juices flowing.  Get more information here.


  1. Set up a complex still life. Use whatever you have at hand. 
  2. Cut an X in a paper plate and push a Sharpie pen through the X. 
  3. Now you can draw without seeing what you draw. DON'T PEEK! This is an important step!
  4. Imagine that your pencil or Sharpie is just resting on the edge of the object that you see. Draw along the contour edge of the object onto your canvas WITHOUT picking up your pencil or Sharpie. 
  5. Don't worry if you go off the page. 
  6. Don't worry if it's going to look like the object. I guarantee it won't. That's the beauty of this technique.
  7. Now repeat the process one or more times, turning your page each time. 
  8. Take a look at what you've drawn. You will more than likely have a beautiful, complex set of shapes. 
  9. Paint in the shapes, collage materials to them, draw some more. It's entirely up to you!