Private Class in the Studio with Tesia

What do you want to learn? 

Looking for an intense one-on-one with an acrylic expert?

Look no further.

Beginning acrylic painter? Seasoned veteran? 

I've got your back.

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In these one-on-one acrylic painting classes you decide what you want to learn. And I deliver it.  You may have heard  that I've got some serious acrylic chops. Anything you want to do or know about painting in acrylic, I can take you there.  No kidding.

A one-on-one intensive will provide the groundwork that you need to make some decisions about what you like and what you don't. It has been my experience over these past 30 years that people gravitate to some things and some things just turn them off.  So you may love Tar Gel or it may set your teeth on edge.  Why not try it in my studio rather than spending money on something you end up not liking? And I have all the toys for you to experiment with. More acrylic paint than you can imagine, cool tools and outstanding music! Check out the Flickr site for pictures of my studio. 

  • If you need help with the technical aspects of acrylic paints, gels and all the bells, I'm your Diva.

  • If you need help with the "how" of abstract painting, where to start, how to find your voice, I'm also your Diva. 

  • I have a unique blend of rock solid technical skills and deep creative soulfulness to offer you.

What Students Say

"Tesia loves what she does - and it shows. Her positive attitude and encouragement are priceless. I love it when she teaches different techniques - it sometimes feels like magic and Tesia is the best "magician" in town."  Hagit

"I have always dreamed of painting, but never took the time to learn. About a year ago, a friend encouraged me to take a class, and fortunately I found Tesia. As a total beginner I was intimidated. Tesia provided the exercises, structure, encouragement and guidance to help me find my intrinsic style. The wealth of information she provides is astounding: from the basics like color, shape, form, composition, and brush stroke; to the mundane: how to repair a painting or properly wire a canvas for hanging. Her knowledge of the contemporary art world, art history and business of art is abundant. One thing for sure, I learn something new from Tesia in every class. Tesia's classes are fun, usually full (sign up early!) and a fantastic value." - Lisa S.

"Tesia is a great motivator and I have learned so much from her. Her class is loaded with great information and is so much fun." Lynn

"I found Tesia Blackburn's class very informative & entertaining. She has an outstanding teacher personality ,with an extensive knowledge and yet capable of addressing students at their own level.  I am a professional artist working in mixed media, and through her small class I had chance to sort out my knowledge in a very logical way. With her artist passion she introduced me to new colors combination and medias.  Her demonstration  was so well paced and clear!" Dominique

I never dreamed about success, I worked for it.
— Estee Lauder

Before we meet, I will send you a questionnaire to get an idea of what you might like to accomplish in your painting tutorial with me.  You don't need to know anything about painting to fill it out.  It just helps me in establishing your tutorial. We will also have a short Skype or phone meeting before your private class so  I can help you establish what you want to cover, go over materials (remember I supply all the paint, gels and mediums) and you can ask me any questions you may have. 

  • You will spend six hours with me in my fully loaded studio.

  • In those six hours I start with about an hour of explaining and demonstrating, and then you get to work under my guidance. You get a lot of  time to work with the gels, paints and mediums.  And I'm right there with you.

  • You will also get sent home with homework and a packet of gels, paints and mediums so that you can do the homework that I will give you. 

  • There may also be follow up reading assignments. 

  • You get a 15 minute follow up from me, via Skype or phone. 

  • All paint, gels and mediums are included in the fee.

  • The fee does not include canvas or shipping of finished work.

Don't know where to start? Check out my  Class Descriptions for a smorgasbord of possibilities.  Tailor your painting class with a smattering of Gels and Mediums, a dash of Digital and a pinch of Faux Encaustic.  The world is your Acrylic Oyster!

Take a private painting class with me once, take one every other month, take one once a year to get "unstuck". You're the boss and I'm your Acrylic Diva!

Questions? Email me!  

Private Class in the Studio with Tesia Six Hours

Cancellation Policy:

Once you have paid for your classes, there are no refunds.

Studio classes are arranged at agreed upon times.

There are no makeups or refunds for classes you miss.

You are encouraged to make all appointments online or by phone.

If I must cancel a session, a makeup session will be arranged at no additional cost.

By registering you are agreeing to these policies. If you have questions, please email or call me before registering.

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— Albert Einstein