Art and Surrender

I teach a class called "Painting from the Soul" it is my favorite class to teach. It's a 3-5 day boot camp for creativity and I have seen it change peoples lives. I get fan mail and love letters after people take this class. And I'm only the gate keeper. I just open the door. You can do this for yourself if you have the courage to surrender. Isn't it funny that surrendering requires courage? It really does though. What is it about us as artists that makes us so afraid of failure? After all, it's only paint on canvas. It can always be painted over, gessoed over, cut up and thrown away.

So I'm asking you to play along with me, suspend your judge and jury and go into the studio and dance yourself silly and play with your paint and brushes, lie down on the floor and paint with your toes. Whatever makes you happy. Just surrender.

Let me know how it goes.