It's Only Painting

Essays on Creativity From A Veteran Artist


You think you need special training? You don't. 

You think you need a big studio? You don't.

You just need the willingness to do the work. 

You can make art. Right here, right now.

The Pre-Sale Is On! 

Deadline is October 1! 

That's the last day to purchase your autographed copy! 

My second book will be ready on October 1. But you don't have to wait to purchase it.  Purchase your book before October 1 and I will personally autograph it!

Everyone has an artist inside them. In my newest book I am encouraging you to ignore what people think and get started making art - dig into creativity like the big chocolate cake that it is. 

Full of humor and inspiration, It's Only Painting  is a manifesto of sorts.  In the vein of "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon, "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert and "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield,  I am breaking down inspiration into manegeable chunks and kicking the fear of creating right in the butt. 

Compiled from my lectures to students over 25 years of teaching, these essays on creativity are meant to get you thinking and working.  

Over 100 pages, dozens of color photographs. Your book will arrive in early October.