Vincent Van Gogh - Consistent Passion

I was just listening to the audio of the Met's exhibit from a couple of years ago of Vincent's drawings. Check out the full 16 min audio at this link. Vincent Page It doesn't hurt that it's read by Kevin Bacon. At any rate, it never ceases to amaze me that Vincent had such passion and consistency of vision. He had a goal and he worked tirelessly to reach it. I think that's admirable. Setting oneself a goal and then taking the baby steps every day to reach it is a surefire way to succeed at just about anything.

Consistency isn't glamorous or sexy but it does work. Vincent proves this again and again. He says in a letter to Theo "I cannot stop drawing because I have a draughtman's fist"..."I pushed on and I gradually grew stronger in the battle." Because he kept at it, day in and day out, year in and year out, his drawings are full of vigor and a surety of hand that does not come from a day or two of sketching.

And they are beautiful.