Smorgasbord, Google, Digital Photos

Updating my blog has been last on my list lately because of major life concerns. However, I'm jumping in here quickly to offer a smorgasbord of things for consideration, no particular rhyme or reason just ad hoc thoughts floating in my head...scary, huh?

Good online photo tool so you can resize your digital images to attach to email and send to galleries, etc.

Do you have Google alerts set up yet? You can set up a Google alert for just about anything you're interested in; labradors, sailing in San Francisco Bay, recipes for chocolate cake, you name it. It's fun and it can be very useful, too. One of my students has a Google alert set up in her daughter's name so she knows whenever anyone posts anything about her daughter. Wow!

On that note, is Google taking over the earth? And if so, is that a bad thing? Check out Google Earth

So now that you have the whole world in your hands, what do you plan to do with it? Me? I'm going for a walk.