Damien Hirst and the Big Hoo Haa

Yep, I'm doing it too. Bashing ol' Damien Hirst for being a sell out, commercialized, "bad art" artist. But I got to thinking.... isn't he just doing what we all really want to do? Make tons of money from his art? Well, actually I'd like the art to be worthwhile also, but that's another can of worms (or tank of sharks). As Fugitive Ink's blog puts it, it's opened up yet another dialogue about the commercial aspects of art, art as product, bad art, bad artists, and Robert Hughes weight. Of course the last item, Mr. Hughes' weight, is just as important according to some writers, as him (ahem) weighing in on the topic of Mr. Hirst's talent (or lack thereof).

So what does all this hoo haa mean to those of us slaving away in the trenches for our daily bread? Not a whole heck of a lot really. It has no bearing whatsoever for those of us still working in that, some would say, quaint, tradition of easel painting. Gee, and all this time I thought I was a revolutionary! What's your take?