Barrack Obama, Gallery Deathwatch and Yo-yo Ma

It's been a crazy couple of months. I've been absent from the blog scene so I have a lot to catch up on. First off, WAHOOOOOOO, we have a new Prez and I am ecstatic. I won't even begin to spin off here into my wild ravings because I could go on at length about how happy Barrack Obama makes me. I have started watching CNN for crying out loud! I have an official crush on Anderson Cooper. Just let me say once and for all, thank goodness! Okay, glad I got that off my chest. (Besides being an amazing, intelligent man, with an honest-to-goodness mission to serve the people, he's a hunk!)

Here's a picture of me with the three Practicum graduates at their show opening February 5 at Canessa Gallery in San Francisco. Left to right, Diane Goldstein, me, Gayle Muehring and Ruth Brophy. Thanks to Ruth for keeping me up to date on all the information concerning the gallery situation in New York via Buck Naked's Deathwatch blog. A real eye opener for those of us out in the sticks. This is useful information, albeit the layout of Buck Naked's blog leaves a lot to be desired. I think I have a migraine from trying to read it. But do try to wade through and read it, there's a lot of useful information in there. The slow economy is making itself known in all corners and we are not immune to it as artists. Far from it. When folks cannot pay the mortgage or have become one of the 70,000 unemployed in the country - big expensive canvases fall by the wayside. Time for us to all hunker down and put our creative minds to use to find ways to weather the storm. And besides, I've always said that the gallery system wasn't the best way to make a living as a real working artist (read "not an art star").

Now music, something uplifting. Google has a new widget that I've just put on the blog up in the right hand corner "Tesia's Tunes". Just a little ditty to listen to while you read.
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