How to Glue Paper to Panel

From the email bag: Nora writes: Thank you again for the the superb survey of gels and mediums, this past Sunday...really terrific!!! You said that you have a printout you could email me with step-by-step instructions on how to adhere a sheet of 300lb hot press watercolor paper onto panel board. That would be a BIG help to me!

Here's your answer Nora:
Your panel should be 1" smaller on all sides than your paper. So for instance, if your paper is 22x30 your panel should be 20x28.

First butter up the front of the panel with Heavy Gel Gloss.

Second, evenly butter up the back of the paper with Heavy Gel Gloss. Be generous but not too soupy.

Lay the paper down on top of the panel. Cover it with a piece of clean parchment or tracing paper.

Using a soft rubber brayer or a bunched up soft cloth start at the middle of the paper and burnish the paper down to the panel gently moving all the air bubbles out. Use firm pressure to get a good bond. Keep moving from the center to the outer edges until you have a good solid bond.

Carefully clean any Gel that oozed out.

Cover a table with a bath towel or blanket and then with a black plastic garbage bag.

Lay the panel/paper face down on the black plastic garbage bag on the table.

Cover the back of the panel with a piece of plywood or Plexiglas. Make sure it covers all four corners evenly.

Weight the back with books or bricks. Use a fair amount of weight and make sure it is evenly distributed all over the plywood.

Wait 24 hours and then check your work. The paper should be bonded tight to the panel.
Tesia BlackburnComment