Fiber Paste

From the email bag Cindy asks: "I put fiber paste on my canvas and let it dry. Then my attempts to paint over it with color were very difficult. So, am I supposed to mix fiber paste with paint and apply it ….OR is there a way to create a super liquidy paint using fluid acrylics and some medium. I tried tar gel and it didn’t spread any easier then regular paint with medium. Mind you I put the fiber paste on thick with peaks and valleys. I wanted that effect. But now I wonder how does one paint over that thickness??

Thanks for your question Cindy! Ideally, you would mix water with Golden Fluids and use that mixture to paint into the Fiber Paste. Fiber Paste is very absorbent when dry and makes an ideal surface to work on in a watercolor-like fashion. By mixing the Fluids with water you will get lovely staining and spreading of the color.

You can also mix the Fiber Paste with Fluid Paint to tint it before you put it down to dry. It will still retain its absorbent nature as long as you don't put too much Fluid Paint into it.

So, in essence you are painting on a surface very like watercolor paper, but with texture. Cool, eh??

Hope that helps! For more information on Fiber Paste visit this page on Golden's website