Airbrush and Golden

From the email bag Alison asks: I took your weekend acrylic paints workshop several months ago. I was trying to get a flawless surface and you had mentioned getting an airbrush. I am wondering if you know what kind of an airbrush would work best with acrylic paint.

You showed me your industrial strength airbrush sprayer and I can't remember if it was a commercial painting sprayer or a regular airbrush and what brand it was.

Also, can you use regular fluid acrylics with an airbrush or do you need to add medium or use some special paint?

Thanks for your note Alison. There are several types of airbrush out on the market. Iwata, Paasche and Badger are the top three on the market. Golden makes Airbrush paint which is specifically formulated to work in an airbrush. You can experiment with the colors and add Airbrush Extender if you want the Airbrush Paint to be more transparent. You can use the regular Golden Fluid Acrylics with an airbrush, just add plenty of Airbrush Medium (not extender).

Here's the link to the Golden page for airbrush Golden's air brush page This will give you tips and technical information.

Hope that helps!
Tesia Blackburn1 Comment