Gluing Canvas to Panel

From the email bag Michael asks:
I attended your recent Golden demo at 1890 Bryant a few weeks ago. I hoped you could answer a quick question for me.

I have created a painting on an unstretched piece of canvas. As I don't want to sacrifice the perimeter of the painting by stretching the canvas now I was inclined to laminate it instead onto a cradled panel. I recall during your demo you mentioned a particular GAC medium as being the best means to seal a wood panel before painting on it so as to avoid gassing off or harm to the painting from the substrait. Could you remind me which Golden product this was? I assume I could seal the panel and then use something like YES glue to affix my canvas to the panel. Any thoughts?

Hi Michael
Thanks for your note. Yes, the GAC 100 is the ideal "primer" for a wood panel to seal it for any possible SID (Support Induced Discoloration). After you seal it (2 coats, letting each coat dry before applying the next) then use Soft Gel Gloss to adhere the canvas to the wood panel. See this entry on my blog about gluing paper to panel. You'll get the idea. While Yes paste is good, I would highly recommend using a high grade polymer like Soft Gel Gloss or Heavy Gel Gloss that will not yellow or crack over time. You can also get some info at the Golden website here

Hope that helps!