A little bit of oil painting, just on the side

The other night I picked up some Williamsburg oil paint, just for the heck of it.  As you may know, I was an oil painter for many years until some poor judgment on my part with turpentine made me really sick. Suffice to say, large amounts of turpentine and poorly ventilated working conditions is a bad, bad, combination.

So I have not painted in oils in many years. And I still cannot get near solvents of any kind.  But just oil paint? Thick, creamy, alla prima oil paint? Oh baby!

Well I dug out my oil painting chops, dusted them off and I was able to play a little bit with them.  You know, not a full concerto, just a little ditty.

Here's my effort:

Granted, I'm a little rusty but I kinda like it. 

Am I giving up on acrylics? Oh no! They are my love, my juicy, spill it on the floor, slather it on with spatulas, sensual painting love.  No, my acrylics aren't going anywhere.  They are my big love. 

But oil? Maybe I'll just see them on the side.  Yeah, that sounds doable. 

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?