Drawing before you paint

Patti Brady's Light Molding Paste Dog

From the email bag Kim asks:
Do you have any recommendations/suggestions on what to use to sketch (lightly) on any surface where you would be using acrylic paint?

************* My answer *************
Hi Kim,

To sketch before you paint in acrylic, you can use just about anything.  The trouble arises when you try to paint in acrylic on top of water soluble materials like graphite, colored pencil or pastel.

It also helps if you use a toothy ground to draw on. This will help the drawing media adhere to the surface. Here's a link to some more info on grounds that are cool to draw on: http://www.goldenpaints.com/artist/drawing_dogs/index.php

Then burnish the drawing, pushing the dry media down into the ground. You can do this by laying a piece of tracing paper or parchment over the drawing and rubbing lightly with a baren or an old wooden spoon.

Then, spray with fixative or my favorite, Golden MSA varnish.  Just be sure not to over-saturate the surface with fixative or the acrylic may not adhere. 

Now draw with dry media to your heart's content and paint on top.  What fun!

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