The 20 Minute Artist and Tracey Emin

I came across a video the other day on Youtube entitled "What Do Artists Do All Day?" It's fascinating because it gives a glimpse inside a high profile artist's typical day. And, as I've known for some time, it's not all about painting.

So we see Tracey in her four story studio in London, painting, meeting with studio assistants, accountants and so on. We see her putting up a show, eating lunch, and a myriad of other activities. What we don't see is several hours of her painting or drawing.  Of course not. It takes a lot more than painting and drawing to run a studio.

My point here is that the creative part of making art is not one long, uninterrupted span of several hours.  It happens in the spaces in between.

You can have a meaningful relationship to making art in twenty minutes a day.

I want to show you how.

Oh..and my master plan? Turn everyone into an artist and take over the world.

Are you with me?

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