Why You Shouldn't Rely on Social Media To Build Your List

Here’s the get-rich-quick-scheme that some artists fall prey to: post your work on social media, lots of people will see it, and you'll sell tons! This works some of the time, but this model has a flaw, a massive flaw. You don't own any of your followers on social media. They belong to the platform. And the platform can change its mind any time it wants to. Facebook can decide tomorrow that it's closing its doors. Instagram can go dark. Twitter can close up shop.

I can hear what you're thinking. "That'll never happen!"

Are you willing to bet your livelihood on it?

If your social media followers disappear tomorrow will you have an audience?

You're likely reading this blog post right now because of an email that I sent you. I have about 4000 people on my email list. That's not huge, but it's a good amount. I've been building my list for over 15 years. I nurture my list. I cherish the folks who are on my list, and I protect them. I work really hard to send out relevant information that my subscribers will find useful and never, ever send out spam.

So how are you engaging with your followers? Are you relying on the platform to do all the work for you? Hmmmm. Not a great idea.

Want some of my ideas on how to do it better? Here's a free guide. You see what I did there? I gave you something useful, for free. It's my way of saying "thank you" to my subscribers for following along on my journey and staying in touch.

So get out there and start inspiring and informing people. Gather some like-minded souls onto your list and begin your own journey. I'll see you out there.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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