E-commerce For Artists

Later this year, likely in October, I'm launching a brand new course on e-commerce for artists.

I've spent the last four months building my e-commerce store, and I can tell you first hand it's no walk in the park. That being said, I think it's essential for artists to take control of their financial futures. I've preached to my students that as artists, we have to look at our art practice as a business. Any good business model includes a variety of product offerings at different price points. So yes, you may have that $4000.00 painting for sale but why not have prints or tote bags with your images as well?

I can see you rolling your eyes. Tote bags, Tesia? How low-brow. Yep and proud of it. I am finished with the highfalutin' idea that art is only for the wealthy. Very few people can afford my big expensive original paintings. Tons of people can afford my tote bags or pillows.

The Mona Lisa has been made into countless products. So I guess I'm in good company, eh?

Stay tuned for information on the new course. Or get on the list and be the first to know when it opens. I’ll teach you everything I know about opening an e-commerce store, and it’s a lot! Just put your email in below and I’ll send you an announcement when the course opens.

Tesia BlackburnComment