Pack Your Paintings Properly!

As artists, we have to store, ship and transport our work many times a year.

Make sure your masterpieces don't get damaged in storage or transport.

Here's how.

1. Use the right materials. Cover all of your paintings in HDPE (high density polyethelene). This particular plastic will not stick to acrylic. NEVER USE BUBBLE WRAP! The texture of the bubble wrap could potentially transfer to the face of your painting.

2. Protect the corners with cardboard corner protectors.

If you're just delivering your paintings nearby, you can stack them in the back of the car and insert HDPE plastic between them. Remember the rule, when stacking paintings: Face to face and back to back. This means that the face of the canvas is against the face of another canvas and the back of one canvas next to the back of another canvas. This will ensure that those pesky D ring hangers aren't gouging the front of one of your paintings!

3. Use the right shipper. I prefer to use FEDEX Ground when possible. It’s cheaper and I’ve never had a shipment lost. I can’t say the same for UPS or USPS. :-( You’ll save a little bit if you set up an account with FedEx too.

4. Be sure your paintings are dry and cured before you ship them. Here's a link to Golden's reference page on drying times.

4. Save money and ship in cardboard boxes not plywood crates. I've shipped many, many paintings all over the world and I've never used a plywood crate. Not even once. I always use double walled cardboard boxes. I use the "box in a box" method. I wrap the painting for shipping (see the video) and then I put it inside a box that is at least 3" larger on all sides. I pad the three inches with crumpled brown paper, seal the box and put it into another box about 1-2" bigger. I pad the smaller box with more crumpled paper. Box in a box!

And, I've included a video on how I wrap my paintings for shipping and storage.