Matte Acrylics versus Regular acrylics

A question from the email bag: "I am trying to create a gouache-like surface with acrylic and am wondering what medium/gel to add. I am looking for super easy flow off the brush and a flat application..." Thanks to Rosalie Fanshel for submitting this question.

Rosalie: The best bet I think is to use the Matte Acrylics from Golden. You can get a very velvety surface from these. Compare the Matte Acrylics with regular Heavy Body in the picture above. The gloss of the regular Heavy Body Paint is causing a glare. Keep in mind you can also just put plenty of Matte Medium into your regular paint to knock back the glare. However, you will diminish the color somewhat since Matte Medium tends to add a waxy like effect to the color. As shown in this photo. The words "matte medium" are in fact made with matte medium and you can see how waxy they look.
So, there you have it. Your choices are 1) to use the Matte Acrylics from Golden or 2) to use lots of Matte Medium in the paint itself.
Hope that answers your question, Rosalie. Any other comments? Let me know.