Rolling acrylic paintings for shipping

Here's a question from the email bag:
"Hi Tesia- Here's a question for you. If I take a 40X60 acrylic painting off its stretchers and roll it up in order to transport it will the paint crack or is it pretty flexible? This will save me a big shipping charge. The paints, by the way, are Golden acrylics.Thanks,Frank AnsleySt. Helena, CA."
Thanks Frank for your question. There are several things to consider when rolling a painting. Rolling a painting is fine if that's the only way you can ship it. It's not the best, but it's okay. In winter weather, you want to be sure you roll the painting in room temperature with the paint film facing out.

I'm going to refer you to this excellent article at Golden about shipping paintings. Be sure you roll the painting around a hard cardbore core.

It should be fine if it doesn't stay rolled up too long. Be sure you provide adequate unpacking instructions ON THE OUTSIDE of the container for your customer at the other end. For instance, let them know not to the leave the tube outside and to unpack it immediately.

Hope that helps!