Paper for color studies

From the email bag, Kris asks:  
Hi, Tesia,
A friend and I are going to experiment with Acrylic color mixing, using some of the exercises in the Golden Color Mixing Guide. We would like to bind the experiments into a book, so we want to do it on paper. What paper would you recommend for this? Thanks!

Hi Kris
Thanks for your note.  I would suggest you use canvas paper from canvas pads.  These are inexpensive and give you the same surface as a regular stretched canvas.  You could also use watercolor paper.  This will give you a very absorbent surface that is less like a real canvas.  When you are finished with your samples, let them dry really well and then coat them with a very thin coat of Matte Medium.  This will prevent them from sticking together inside the book. 

Have fun and send me a picture of the completed book!