Varnish and care of paintings

From the email bag Michellene asks:   I wanted to ask you about clear tar gel...I remember seeing your video on it and how it gives the painting a candylike finish, why is it that after I use clear tar gel when its all dried and ready to put on the rack I have to make sure that the surface of the painting isn't leaning against or touching anything because if it is, it will stick to it and will peel off some of the paint when you try to take them apart. SHould I use something else, after I use clear tar gel?

Thanks for your question!
Tar Gel!! yeah, you have to either varnish it when you're finished or make sure you only put HDPE plastic on top of it. Polymeres will remain pliable and if they get warm will adhere to other acrylics. So, NEVER store acrylic paintings face to face. Always put them in an HDPE bag or be sure they are varnished. 

For varnish application tips, visit the Golden website here