Golden has two new pouring mediums.

I’ve been trying out the new Golden Pouring Mediums and I have to tell ya… they are fantastic!


Stay tuned for some pouring workshops coming up this summer. You’ll have the opportunity to try these out in my studio. We can throw some paint together!

In the meantime, here’s a live video I did from the studio on pouring. Pardon the poor quality! As you may know the bandwidth from my studio is extremely limited. Think two tin cans and some string. It’s an old building with old wiring. Anyhoooo, give it a look for a quick overview.

Also check out this very old video on using Clear Tar Gel as a topcoat. Think resin without using resin.

Links to products:

Golden Clear Tar Gel

Golden Color Pouring Medium Gloss

Golden Color Pouring Medium Matte